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3378 - Tall Building Structures - Analysis And ...

In conclusion, our analysis of evolutionary constraints, gene duplication, and essentiality demonstrates that the structure and function of a metabolic network shapes the evolution of its enzymes. In the long run, system analyses of biological networks will allow us to increasingly place the evolution of genes in the larger context in which they operate, as building blocks of cellular networks.

3378 - Tall building structures - Analysis and ...

At present, when global environments are increasingly becoming urbanised, sustainable growth and development should be based on a good understanding of the long-term ground displacement dynamics. The issue of ground displacements in urban areas is of great importance for the development of cities, due to possible instabilities induced by subsidence and uplift. When human interaction perturbs displacement trends with natural causes that act on a long time-scale, the issue gains even more weight1,2,3. In earthquake-prone environments, understanding natural displacement patterns is even more important because they could become latent risk factors. Since Bucharest, the most earthquake-prone capital in the European Union, is often compared to Mexico City in terms of seismic hazards caused by distant earthquakes that affect tall buildings, understanding long-term ground displacement trends is an important task4,5. Identifying ground deformation trends in urban areas is also a continuous challenge for researchers when lacking technological support of high-precision, repeated, and large-scale ground displacement measurements. 041b061a72

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