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Judy Cheeks - Respect (The Ultimate Anthem Mix)

Larry Flick from Billboard wrote, "To active clubgoers, this U.K.-brewed slice of disco/NRG melodrama has practically earned "classic" status. Finally available domestically, this anthem is ready to knock down a few top 40 and crossover radio doors. Cheeks has a presence that is, by turns, charming and commanding, holding up well against the track's busy arrangement of piano rolls and swirling strings. Dig into the half-dozen remixes and find the one that works for you."[1] Pan-European magazine Music & Media stated, "Dance and gospel make a fine couple. Supported by backing vocals steadily growing to church choir proportions, Judy fills her cheeks to be heard on top of everything."[2]

Judy Cheeks - Respect (The Ultimate Anthem Mix)

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While it is unusual for James Bond theme songs to have a different title than their respective movies, "Nobody Does It Better" from "The Spy Who Loved Me" had no problem breaking through to listeners. As with all Bond themes, this song plays during the elaborate title sequence of the movie, with Carly Simon's sultry tune serving as a "lust-drunk anthem" to Bond's sexual prowess. The song would continue to be covered in the decades to follow, remaining one of the most popular Bond songs in the history of the series. 041b061a72

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